The Corporate Staff Network


With the Motion Picture Industry growing everyday and new production entities being created all over the world, the Team at Motion Picture Space has created a network exclusively for Corporate Personnel.

The Corporate Staff Network is a place for Individuals to market themselves to the corporate world of the motion picture industry. It operates independently from all the other MPS networks—and, it gives existing film Company Personnel the ability to use Motion Picture Space for all their Production needs. Membership also guarantees exclusive contact with others within the system.


Let’s begin with the search terms that we've created that help Companies find Individuals just from using our Key Search: 

Company Name – Search for individuals as an employee of a specific company or, as an individual User by leaving the company box unchecked.

Department – The network gives Users the ability to search for individuals at other companies by department or search for individuals looking to work in a specific Department.

Job Tile – Users can also search for individuals at other companies by Job Tile.

Work Availability – The “Availability Switch” gives a User the ability to instantly let the industry know they are available to work.

Union – The Network is designed to help Users find crew, based their union affiliate number. It also gives film makers the ability to search for non-union crew just by entering the word “None” in the search box. The Staff & Crew Network welcomes everyone, whether they are in a union or not.

Gender – Something that has become very important in the motion picture industry is acknowledging a person’s gender. So, we thought it would be important give individuals that option.

Language - The Motion Picture Industry is a global business. The Team at Motion Picture Space has provided a platform that gives filmmakers from all over the world the ability to find crew that speaks in any language needed.

Proximity – The “Proximity” search gives filmmakers the ability to find Staff & Crew located anywhere in the U.S. and the World. This option is designed for filmmakers to network within their own cities to produce a motion picture.


After you have finished with all the search terms related to your department and position you will then add all the information you would like to showcase on your Corporate Staff Profile Page.

Logo or Individual Image – This Image will be used for both your search results image and Corporate Staff Profile page.

Representation & Management – Be sure your manager’s or agent’s information is highlighted here.

Professional Information Corporate Staff members can publish any information associated with their position on their profile page.

Website Links – Staff & Crew who already have websites can publish their link on the profile page. They can also click on the “Auto Redirect” option that will automatically take Users directly to the website once they click on your search result.

Resume – Publishing your resume on your profile page is fast and easy. It’s been designed for Users to list the companies and cities, the department, job title and the years you worked there. It also gives a User the ability to upload images related to the project and copy and paste the URL of any video associated to it from other streaming services.  


Motion Picture Space is not a Social Media Network.

It’s a professional space consisting of multiple network where individuals and companies can market themselves, their services, and products to the Motion Picture Industry.